Kalmar Used Equipment

Kalmar Used Equipment

Why Kalmar Used Equipment

Moving heavy goods comes with a heavy responsibility, which is why you need a reliable and easy solution to match your productivity needs. Kalmars carefully inspected used equipment has the legendary reliability of a new-like machine - it just has more stories to tell. Rent or purchase, whichever is easier for you. You may also want to consider our competitive Service and Spare Parts offering which have been designed to keep you moving.

It’s reliable, it’s legendary, it’s Kalmar Used Equipment.

Questions and answers

Why should I buy used equipment from Kalmar?

We take pride in delivering a high-quality used equipment solution to you which has been carefully inspected and optimised for a low total cost of ownership. Beyond this, Kalmar’s used equipment will make your life easier. No matter the reason you need it, it’s there to serve you - the Kalmar, original equipment manufacturer and service experience is included.

What’s the availability of your used equipment? Where do you ship?

We deliver more than a thousand units of used equipment every year through an extensive network of transporters. Kalmar can deliver your machine wherever needed in a safe and solid condition - with Kalmar you get quality and legendary reliability all the way.

Are the used equipment from Kalmar inspected?

Every used equipment is carefully inspected by Kalmar, when buying used equipment from Kalmar you will always know what you get. Our inspections cover everything from checking critical components and parts, as well as how it has been used and the overall condition of the equipment.

Where can I get more detailed information about the machine?

All of our used equipment comes with full documentation and service history (if the service has been conducted by Kalmar). Find needed details in the used equipment ad or get in touch with your Kalmar representative for more information. Kalmar has a global footprint with many local sales offices, we always welcome our customers to visit us whenever it would be helpful.